Barney Frank’s Arrogance Is Showing, What’s New?

Listen to how Barney Frank responds to several people at his town hall from earlier today. This man is a bumbling buffoon but continues to be voted in. You can apparently destroy the economy and trample over the constitution, but still get voted back into Barney’s district in Massachusetts, so long as you are not a Republican. I would think that some Democrats would begin to get tired and upset by the way Barney Frank treats his constituents, as well as his elitism/attitude problem.



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2 responses to “Barney Frank’s Arrogance Is Showing, What’s New?

  1. Jeff

    People are at a town hall holding Photoshopped pictures of the President to look like Hitler and making an irrational/nonsensical comparison between the two; yet Frank is the buffoon?

    Classic American logic and perspective at work here.

    • crabbycon

      The woman in the beginning of that video clip is a LaRouche supporter – LaRouche was written about in an earlier post on this blog. LaRouche is a far left politician and his supporters are the very same. He created the Obama Hitler poster. I would suggest finding out all the information before stating that someone is illogical. Conservatives disagree with the Health Care overhaul but not with reform. There’s a difference and many things that people want like tort reform or opening up health care nationwide to all states (1300) companies would be a start to bring down costs. No need to change an entire system when there are specific issues that should be addressed first.

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