Uniting Against RINOs

This post is really just a plug for a new website that has been created for Independent Conservatives who are tired of Republicans In Name Only (RINO).  Those who would easily sell out their own family for corporate funding, lobbies, and their own power-hungry nature. 

As many recall a couple month ago, Mark Kirk (R-IL) voted for Cap and Trade in the House of Representatives.  He, along with 7 other Republicans, voted for the bill that made no mention of coal, nuclear energy, or our own oil resources.  The bill was a monstrous mechanism to control the lives of Americans and tax the middle class, however, the Cap and Traitors, whom are aptly named, went ahead and voted against their principles and their constituents. 

Mark Kirk is now trying to run for the open Senate seat that Roland Burris and Blagojevich tainted recently.  I could care less if the person who wins the seat is a Democrat or a Republican, as long as they stand on principle and not on power and greed.  It’s time for the establishment to be sent packing and Mark Kirk is the epitome of the problem in DC. 

To check out the site Republicans United Against Mark Kirk For US Senate – click here.



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2 responses to “Uniting Against RINOs

  1. Jennie


    Lindsay I wish you would read some of the comments on the BBC. Sift through the liberal comments etc. You’re more up on info than me. As you can see by this link that we need to stay active not only in the U.S. but in other countries also.
    God Bless

    • crabbycon

      I will try to do my best and put additional international stories up 🙂 I don’t know how you join – I’m so sorry LOL I am still working out the kinks of this new blog and am the least tech savvy person I know – so hopefully I can figure all that stuff out and quickly! Thanks for the posts!

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