PETA Wants To Turn A Virginia Prison Into A Chicken Museum

A chicken museum? Really? That’s sure to drum up a ton of revenue and visitors – don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to  purchase my tickets.  What type of exhibits do you think they’ll have? Here are some of my suggestions: The advent of the drum stick, a petting farm, a real life experiment of which came first, simulation of a chicken crossing the road, and a bodily function exhibit called That’s Just Fowl.  But seriously, here is a snippet from the article proving that this is really being considered:

An animal rights group wants to rent a prison building the state plans to close and turn it into the nation’s first chicken empathy museum. A People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals official sent a letter Monday to Gov. Tim Kaine asking to rent the Botetourt Correctional Center building in Troutville.

It’s nice to know that PETA has empathy for chickens, but it’s a little tougher to find it for those wretched humans.

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One response to “PETA Wants To Turn A Virginia Prison Into A Chicken Museum

  1. C5

    a guy break dancing in front of PETA’s “Holocaust On Your Plate” display:

    “Emotional Hippies – Crying Over Dead Trees”

    speaking of people who truly find other people to be wretched:
    The Voluntary Human Extinction Movement [VHEMT]

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