This is a blog for those who are fed up with the current way things are conducted in Washington DC.  A blog for We The People who want to take back this country and elect those into office who represent the interests of their constituents and not their own pocket-books.  Above all other things, this is a blog that agrees with the founding principles of this nation and our Constitution and would like to see the beliefs of our founding fathers put back to good use. 

My name is Lindsay Janeway and my story can be viewed here.  As an individual who has recently gotten involved in politics due to the concern for my future, my eventual family’s future, and the future of this wonderful country, I decided to write and opine on the current issues facing us today. I strongly believe that common sense is the resolution we need during these trying times. 

My moniker is CrabbyCon and you can also find me tweeting away during the day, so come follow me @CrabbyCon.

10 responses to “About

  1. Kathy Pledger Gregory

    Ms. Lindsay Janeway~~

    I came to you earlier with a long, long message. I used the ID: sbinsb. I had to delete that Twitter profile due to some serious whack job. He had some technical abilities in high places and scared me something fierce.

    You were following me and now I’m back as Jo Clayton, blue sky with a flag…. it’s my home. My ID is: NepentheRay. Nepenthe… has great meaning behind it.

    I would like nothing more than to have you follow me again. My Bio: Liberty & Justice.

    And, I’m getting a greater response now than before…. as I’m also on TweetDeck.

    I look forward to your following me. I had to protect my tweets too. I truly was frightened… it’s a sad reality with those in high places with technical abilties at their fingertips… using threats and fear tactics.

    Kathy… ~NepentheRay~

  2. Since you are one of 18 that @glennbeck follows, i wonder if you ever invite guest post articles.
    This isn’t in my blog yet, but you might like my work: http://bit.ly/BildebergersDenuded or maybe: http://bit.ly/SovietsKnewAlinsky is more fun. Or, for you http://bit.ly/WidowsDaughter perhaps will hit home with support.

    This is what i am: http://bit.ly/Pain_i_Believe
    This is what i do: http://bit.ly/MEATandPOTATOES_page

    Respectfully your,
    the_IRF {Twitter}

  3. curt williams

    great blog . cya

  4. the_IRF

    Mr. Curt Williams,

    I am an old guy, so please understand the formality of addressing your by your honorific of Mr.

    There are so many curt williams in a Twitter search, i didn’t know who to click on. Would you care to share how to connect to you, please?

    Respectfully yours,
    the_IRF {Twitter}

    • crabbycon

      I think you have the wrong person – My name is Lindsay and I’m a female – I’m not Curt Williams. Sorry I couldn’t help you.

  5. Shyron M. beavers

    Good evening Ms. Janeway,

    We met at Charles Lollar’s “so-called” candidacy announcement at the MD GOP convention in November, I’d like to speak with you regarding a employment opportunity on the hill…

  6. LoveFreedom/Bellanieve

    What is the conservative consensus on the Supreme Court ruling on the Free Speech /Financial contributions by Corp entities…? any feed back ..

  7. Mikie

    Hi Lindsey,

    I certainly am fed up with those in Wash and also in my State Govt.- Hawaii. It is like Massachusetts, a liberal hotbed. But now we have hope that Hawaii may go the way MA did recently as we have our own “special election” coming up since Hawaii’s Representative Neil Abercrombie recently resigned the House to run for governor here in Hawaii. That’s good and bad; we may get stuck with him as governor, but at least he’s out of Washington DC, where he has been waaaaaay too long!

    Anyway, I love your blog and would love it if you would add mine, http://www.GetOffYourButts.net to your blogroll, so we can continue to spread the word!

    Aloha, Mikie

  8. Sean Gardner

    Ms. Janeway,

    I wished I had your time and energy, Great Blog.
    I follow you on Twitter also. Keep up the GREAT work.


  9. Freedom, The message consolidated

    I’m following you on Twitter. Please forward the conservative anthem of truth  “Freedom” 

    Hear it and read the lyrics at http://www.billybones.com Please retweet!, post, feature ,email, call in the radio shows, etc. This IS the theme song for 2010 and beyond. Performing at rallies with my 12,000 watt sound system beginning April 15 2010 in West Palm Beach, Florida with Doug Giles. Win in 2010!

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