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Obama’s Post Office Gaffe Comes Back To Bite Him

First we must recall what Obama said at the New Hampshire town hall last week when comparing the success of FedEx & UPS vs. USPS, a government-run organization. I have included what he said along with a little levity/humor as well (H/T GoldieAZ):

Obama made the tea party argument for conservatives! That is exactly the point that most Americans are trying to make – the government is completely incompetent and inefficient, and health care would be run much like the post office or the DMV. Enter Obama’s clean-up crew to ‘clear up’ the matter. Robert Gibbs made a statement on CBS, stating that health care would not wind up like the US post office.

So which one is it? How many gaffes does this administration get a free pass on until the media outlets other than Fox actually find a modicum of fairness and integrity? Gibbs’ statement did nothing to help a group of employees who most likely voted for Obama since the majority of government employees tend to vote Democrat. The US postal service has been struggling to compete with free market options and with the dynamic digital age we find ourselves in. You can send payments for bills or personal items through online banking and you can even purchase stamps through the Internet – plain and simple, the government provides no incentives to innovate or vigorously market themselves – free market, capitalist companies, do. The US postal service made the following statement regarding the recent negative coverage it received from its very own president and his administration:

With all of these efforts underway within the Postal Service community, it was a kick to the chest to have you take a shot at a group of federal employees who are working hard every day to support this country.

Employees of the Postal Service are largely represented by unions and management associations, all of whom strongly supported your candidacy last year. For our support we do not expect any special consideration. However, we would like to be treated fairly and not have our current situation misrepresented, especially by the Commander-in-Chief.

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Major Garrett Vs. Robert Gibbs (Video)

The rank arrogance and complete ignorance of Robert Gibbs makes my blood boil.  He always comes off sounding like an kindergartner who can’t answer a question and makes snarky comments because he has no clue. 

Major Garrett asks a very valid question about these email lists that David Axelrod has and how people are being contacted who have never signed up for anything remotely associated with the White House or Obama.  My guess would be the email campaign for snitching.  Many conservatives did in fact send emails in essence raising their hands saying I think health care is ‘fishy’ or put be down as a member of the mob, etc.  If this is the case which I believe Major is implying this is a huge deal and would mean that the White House is in fact using to collect names and make lists.

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